Krista Koval, RMT provides services within the Greater Moncton Area. These services are offered in three distinct settings: clinical therapeutic massage, corporate over-the-clothes massage, and on-location mobile massage. 

Clinic Treatments  

360 outlined

Both day and evening appointment times are available at 360 Degrees Health Centre located at 355A Elmwood Drive in Moncton; it is a multidisciplinary clinic that provides massage therapy, physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathic, naturopathic, dietitian, kinesiology and occupational therapy services.

The facility is wheelchair accessible, has an elevator and free parking.

For more information on how to book me at 360 Degrees Health Centre, click here.

Corporate / Business Wellness Massage
Corporate massage therapy services target company ‘wellness’ initiatives, and help build awareness of workplace posture, ergonomics and stress relief. Over-the-clothes chair and / or table massage are performed at these locations. Typically, each staff member receives a 10-15 minute treatment, depending on the amount of time contracted, number of staff, and/or frequency of visits.

Contact Krista directly for more information at kristakovalrmt@gmail.com

Mobile Massage

Mobile massages are performed for a variety of client groups, including long-term care facilities / group home healthcare services, athletic / sporting events, as well as family and friend gatherings and events.

Mobile therapeutic massage treatments can also be conducted at the client’s home. This service is designed for clients that have difficult schedules (ie: stay at home mothers), limited mobility / decreased health (ie: the injured or elderly) or people who simply prefer the comfort of their own home to a clinical setting.  

Contact Krista directly for more information at kristakovalrmt@gmail.com