Krista Koval is a Moncton-based RMT offering therapeutic massage therapy services for humans since 2015 AND is now certified
to treat dogs too! Her services include working with the full body and TMJ specific pain and dysfunction through deep tissue and myofascial release; cupping; and relieving acute and chronic pain.

As a Regulated Healthcare Professional, Krista’s focus is to provide each client (human or canine) with an extensive and systematic orthopedic assessment, formulate an accurate clinical impression and develop the most comprehensive treatment plan based on each individual’s specific needs and goals to relieve and / or prevent physical dysfunction. She believes in life-long learning and thus continually updates courses, adds new treatment modalities and home care exercises to her ‘toolbox’, and searches out new journal articles, podcasts etc.

She is very interested in functional mobility and movement patterns and how the maintenance and broadening of body movement prolongs overall health and well being, autonomy and longevity for both humans and dogs.

IMG_9624Krista is also an experienced athlete and trainer in cycling, running (road and trail), bootcamps / Crossfit, harness dog sports, canine agility and Yin Yoga. She feels that this background helps to relate to, identify and mitigate the physical aches, pains and
struggles her clients experience.She also understands very well the frustrations of injury, sickness, decreased energy levels and the role stress can play with the mind and body. Her goal is to understand each client’s specific needs to help them relieve stress, accelerate recovery, and maximize their potential by helping them stay happy, healthy and moving. She treats the whole body by seeking the root of the cause, not just the symptoms.