Welcome to KKRMT!

Krista Koval is a Moncton-based RMT offering therapeutic massage therapy services focused on deep tissue and myofascial release; cupping; TMJ pain and dysfunction; and relieving acute and chronic pain.

Krista’s focus is to provide each client with an extensive and systematic orthopedic assessment, formulate an accurate clinical impression and develop the most comprehensive treatment plan based on each individual’s specific needs and goals to relieve and / or prevent physical dysfunction.

She is very interested in functional mobility and movement patterns and how the maintenance and broadening of body movement prolongs overall health and well being, autonomy and longevity.

Krista is also an experienced athlete and coach /trainer in cycling, running, triathlon and bootcamps / Crossfit. She feels that this background helps to relate to, identify and mitigate the physical aches, pains and struggles her clients experience.