TMJ Dysfunction and National Dental Hygienists

April is Oral Health Month and an important part of this celebration is National Dental Hygienists Week™, celebrated annually in the second week of April. Good oral health is critical to overall health.

Did you know that Massage Therapy can help TMJ-Diagramalleviate symptoms of TMJ dysfunction and help build jaw awareness to correct muscle imbalances in the jaw?

TMJ dysfunction is a disorder of the muscles of mastication (chewing and speech), the temporomandibular joints and associated structures. It can manifest as head, jaw and/or ear pain and is associated with:

  • popping and / or clicking in the jaw,
  • range of motion changes in the jaw (limitations and/or deviations when opening and closing), and
  • lock jaw.

Potential causes of the dysfunction are:

  • muscle imbalances in the jaw,
  • muscle overuse (chewing gum, chewing on one side, prolonged yawning, pipe /cigar smoking, or an activity / occupation requiring a mouthpiece or mouthguard etc),
  • malocclusion (loss of a tooth or molar, disturbing the mouth’s balance),
  • bone alignment and postural dysfunctions (scoliosis, head forward postures – think desk jobs, leg length discrepancies etc),
  • increased stress (clenching jaw, grinding teeth),
  • direct physical trauma,
  • sinus blockage or infections, and
  • joint pathologies (hypermobility, osteoarthritis etc)

Contact your friendly neighbourhood massage therapist if you experience any of these symptoms.  Or call the clinic to book an appointment at 830.6600



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