Water after your massage

Why is it so important to drink water after your massage you might ask? Drinking water after your massage will help you get the most benefit from your treatment in the following ways..

Essentially, massage therapy increases circulation and ‘unblocks’ muscle tissues. Those ‘hurt so good’ spots are areas that have been nutrient deprived or circulation blocked due to constricted muscles and/or trigger points, which comes from stress, physical activity, emotion distress or injury.

Muscle manipulation through massage releases these tight areas and requires the assistance of water to help flush out an array of toxins that have been stored in the tissues. Water is the avenue for our bodies post treatment to flush out lactic acid and metabolic wastes that caused these knots.

Toxins can enter your tissues in the following ways:


  • Physical and emotional stress
  • Drinking, smoking and coffee
  • A poor diet
  • Your job and environmental conditions
  • Pills and Medications



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