New techniques- Cupping

I had the opportunity recently to take a soft silicone Cupping Course (Tissue Distraction Release with Movement) and have been employing it with successful reviews from clients. The soft silicone contours with your body and is meant to be moved across the skin, not left stationary (as the hard plastic cup style does).

It is effective for :

  • any area that soft tissue massage and release is indicated;
  • treating musculoskeletal aches and pains by creating a negative pressure in the cup on your skin (pulling the tissues up rather than pushing down on them);
  • releasing the interfaces between the skin, myofascia, neural tissue, muscles, ligaments and tendons;
  • increasing circulation;
  • increasing lymphatic flow (reducing inflammation /congestion);
  • releasing scar tissues; and
  • relaxing muscles and myofascial trigger points.