New Techniques – Structural Myofascial Therapy

I had the great pleasure to take Montreal-based therapist, BetsyAnn Baron’s Structural Myofascial Therapy (SMFT) course in May and have been employing it with clients with great success and positive results.

SMFT looks at the body’s connectivity as a whole and addresses aches, pains, dysfunctions and postural limitation holistically because the location of your pain may not be the source. (“The victim sp eaks outlouder than the perpetrator” concept).

SMFT is a deep and slow manual technique that opens the dialogue with stiff and painful areas and areas of reducing mobility to:

  • rehabilitate, better adapt and increase body potential;
  • create a better ‘organized’ body;
  • increase balance and alignment;
  • increase respiratory capacity and body support;
  • encourage more efficient energy use; and
  • discover a new dynamic posture that can be maintained without effort or pain.

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