What is myofascia?

Myofascia is:

  • the membrane that surrounds everything in the body;
  • a connective tissue that lines your organs, is interwoven with your muscle fibers, and envelops your muscles;
  • the web that surrounds muscles and connects them to tendons and ligaments and bones from head to toe;
  • contains sensory neurons (detects touch, heat, pain), lymphatic pathways, contains blood flow and internal lubrication (the slide and glide in your body); and
  • is an organ that forms and (when dysfunctional or restricted) deforms your body).

The role of Myofascia is to:

  • maintain the body’s structural integrity,
  • support movement,
  • protect, defend and absorb shock; and
  • communicate and provide exchange between body systems.

Having healthy myofascia thereby returns function to structure and improves the structure’s ability to function. Causes of myofascial rigidity include trauma (past and present injuries, accidents etc), habit patterns and posture, metabolic factors (medications, ailments etc) and skeletal imbalances


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