Water and Myofascia

The majority of my treatment plans are based around Myofascial Release (Structural Myofascial Therapy, Cupping, Guasha and Indirect Myofascial Therapy). Myofascia is a connective tissue that is pervasive in the body: superficially it lies between the skin and muscle layers, intermediately in the muscle fibers / around tendons and helps join tendons to bones, and deeply by lining the internal organs. It can be thought of as the ‘glue’ that holds us together under the skin.

Did you know that we are 75% water? And that two-thirds of our water supply is held within the myofacia? That being said, drinking plenty of water after a massage is thought to help ‘flush’ out toxins (lactic acid, metabolites, medication residues etc) from our tissues. It can also help hydrate these newly ‘liberated’ cells and tissue layers allowing more ease for increased circulation, oxygen and lymph function to cleanse the body.


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